Monday, February 2, 2015

My #MCM 8 - Snow Day

Jacket: UO Surplus, Denim Shirt: Levi's, Jeans: Bullhead (c/o PacSun),
Tennis Shoes:  JC Penny

There comes a time in the middle of winter when you have actually acclimated to the cold and decide to boycott socks and overall practical "winter-wear" (or is that just me?).  Although Adam is not boycotting socks (yet), he has been wearing this "Spring" jacket a lot lately (with his fur-lined sneakers).  When the temperature is around 30 degrees (Fahrenheit, foreign friends), it's easy to put away the huge parkas and be more casual with clothing.  So this outfit might not be the MOST practical outfit now that it is 14 degrees out, but swap out the tennis shoes for snow boots and add another layer (or two), and you are set!

Now that Punksatony Phil saw his shadow this morning and predicted 6 more weeks of winter, you may need some more winter-wear inspiration.  This list is a start (especially if you swap out the flats for boots), but why not just cut out the middle-man and check out Karen's blog (the last girl from the list).  She has been slaying winter-wear!

What are your go-to winter fashion must-haves?