Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slick Rick

Overcoat: Gifted, Grey Sweater: Hand-Me-Down, Turtleneck: Thrifted, Leather Pants:
Forever21, Socks: Eddie Bauer, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: DIY

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard of #snowpocalypse2015. Although we aren't getting the worst of the storm, we did get a bit of snow these past few weekends.  I would love so much to be that bad azz chick who stomps through the snow all the time in these Charlotte Russe boots, but alas I'm pretty clumsy, and would most likely break my leg attempting to travel very far in these (however, I did wear them out a few Saturdays ago for a night out with friends, and managed to not kill myself, so that's a plus).

In any case, if you are snowed in and tired of binge-watching Netflix, why not make a sweet DIY necklace?  Speaking of DIY projects, my newest DIY post is live over on the Goodwill Blog here!  And if you aren't snowed in, but looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon, be sure to check out my next DIY workshop this Saturday, February 7th at the Kent Goodwill (2528 Ohio 59, Ravenna, OH 44266) from 2-3PM!  We'll be making necklaces like the one I'm wearing above, among other fun jewelry items.  You can register here.  See you then!