Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Peter Pan Goes to the Matrix

Trench, Button-Down, Jeans: Hand-Me-Down, Vest: Noto, Boots: Urban Outfitters,
Jewelry: Assorted

Oh hey there hand-me-down jacket and blue vest.  Feels like I haven't posted about either item in ... at least a week.  

These photos are a little old (I'm out of town for business meetings this week), so I thought I'd share these - I have a special feature for when I'm back in town.  This was basically my uniform for the transition week between winter and spring: Button-down, jeans, ankle boots and a jacket of some sort.  Wait?  How is that different than my normal uniform, you may ask?  No socks is the answer.  

In writing the outfit description, I realized almost this whole outfit consisted of hand-me-downs (two of those three items are from Adam).  Does that make me a "Freegan"?  Nah - Doubt I'd ever eat food out of a dumpster.  I want to count these boots as hand-me-down, but I'm not sure if I can.  Here's the thing: I bought them for a friend on winter break when I was home from France, but when I took them back, they didn't fit her.  So she let me keep them.  So, does that count?  Who knows.  That just leaves the vest, which is so not a hand-me-down, but I did buy it on sale, so ... close!  I was hesitant to buy this vest, as I didn't know if the CPW was there (Cost per Wear for those in the know), and it definitely is.  I was also a bit upset that it was too low-cut to wear as a top, but this past weekend, I found a loophole to that disappointment, so we are back in business!

One of these days, I'd like to challenge myself to build a week's worth of outfits from only thrifted items (easy) or hand-me-downs.  We'll see how that goes.

What are some outfit challenges you have for yourselves?