Thursday, September 3, 2015

DDay Re-enactment, Conneaut 2015

Another DDay Re-enactment, another post with an abnormal amount of photos (but you all should be used to that by now).

A few weekends ago, my family and I headed up to Conneaut for their annual DDay re-enactment*.  Just like the last time we went, we had a great time hanging out with family.  I can't express enough how amazing this event is every year.  Not to mention, more and more people participate every year - there were TWO German camps set up.  

This year, we had closer seats to the main battle, thanks to my littlest brother and our cousins, who showed up at 8AM to stake out our territory.  Next year, I'll be able to return the favor.  

Since this was my second time attending the event, when we got to the park, I was less in awe than I was the first time we went (still v impressed though, don't get me wrong), but once those planes started flying, and "bombing" the beach, it was like I had never seen this battle play out before.  The booms and bangs seemed louder this year, too.  It still amazes me all of the time and effort everyone puts in to this free event.  So, when next year's event rolls around, if you haven't been, GO!

*A quick note on war: it is awful.  Every time we attend this event, I get emotional about the thought of ever having to experience anything like the real Dday (or any of the events currently happening in the Middle East, or that have happened in the recent past).  However, I do believe it is important that re-enactments like this are kept in mind, because like the old saying goes, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."