Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Lady

Last year, The Knight Foundation asked Akronites: "What's your best idea for the arts?"  A few of us at work came up with an idea, submitted it, but didn't win.  We did make it far enough along in the process to be invited to the winner's reception, so win win?

Since the reception was held on a Tuesday right after work, I dressed up a bit more for work than I would normally.  One co-worked told me I looked like a "First Lady", so that's cool.

Jacket: Thrifted (Goodwill Akron), Dress: Hand-Me-Down, Shoes: Gabriel Brothers

Another occasion where a thrifted item and a hand-me-down dress save the day.  I learned that lesson quickly when I moved home from France:  I was short on funds and got a job where I needed to dress pseudo professionally every day (you know the job I'm talking about if you've been reading Eleanor's Boots from the beginning).  Since I didn't have the largest professional wardrobe (and was still under the impression that dressing professionally was no fun), I didn't have many options when it came to clothes to wear.  What to do?  Hit up the local Goodwill (and Gabriel Brothers if you are lucky to live near one).  Affordable, vintage, professional clothes by the truckloads. Win, win, win.

Although, I didn't thrift this blazer until more recently, I've accumulated an impressive collection of blazers I can wear with anything.  I'm also lucky enough to have people in my life who gift me items that no longer fit into their lives.  Like this black dress.  I always thought it was too fancy to wear to work, but now I don't care.  Yolo if you will.

Speaking of Yolo, check out this tree growing in the street.

Now to pay better attention to the Cavs!