Sunday, June 12, 2016

Go with the Flow

Last weekend, Adam, my friend, Devon (you met her here, but I have another post about her in the works- she's pretty great) and I gallery sat at the Summit Artspace for the June artwalk.  The current show is called FUSION, and it's pretty amazing (sneak peek below).  It was a rainy Saturday evening, but people came out in full force.  It was great to experience how much people in Akron love the arts. 


Sheer Dress: Thrifted, Black Crop Top: Black Poppy (c/o PacSun), Wide-Leg Gauchos: H&M,
Shoes: JCPenny

I always like to dress up when we gallery sit, but in a way that's a bit experimental since we are in an artsy space.  So I channeled my inner gallery girl (who else remembers that show?) by starting with a black base and layering on a sheer dress to cover up a bit (the temperature is pretty unpredictable at the gallery).  I lucked out that my dress was the same length as my trousers.  #winning  

Speaking of this dress, I thrifted it a few years ago - it came with another sheer dress to layer underneath (shared here).  I've worn them together as a beach cover-up, but other than that, I'm not sure what other purpose two sheer dresses serve (any ideas, please leave them in the comments!) so I usually wear them separately.

And these gauchos - I hate calling them gauchos, but I guess that's what they are, but in a nicer fabric than the ones I had freshman year of college. I bought them on super sale at H&M last year, and they are my go-to pants when I need/want to dress up for work and on the weekend.  You can't really ask much more from a pair of pants. UPDATE: culottes.  "Culottes" is the word I was searching so hard for when writing this post.  WTF.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for another amazing week!