Thursday, June 23, 2016

What Doesn't Kill Us

.....Makes us who we are.

Fringe Shirt, Creepers: Urban Outfitters, Tank: Anthropologie, Pencil Skirt: JCrew,
Necklace: Random Online Shop, Sunglasses: Noto

It has been a pretty epic week in Northeast Ohio:  

Last Thursday, the Cavs beat the Warriors, forcing a Game 7 in the Finals.

Friday, we got to see Hawthorne Heights at the Outpost. 

Saturday, we helped build a playground with Kaboom! in North Hill.

Sunday, the Cavs broke the Cleveland Curse by coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals to win the NBA Championship.  

Monday, we went to House of Blues for Motion City Soundtrack's Farewell Tour.  

Tuesday, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  

Wednesday, 1.3 million people headed downtown for the Cavs Championship Parade - we just made it for the Indians game (they won, btw).  

And today, we're headed downtown for a LeBron James party at Lock 3.  

I'm absolutely bursting with Akron pride and anticipation for what the future holds for us all.

"It's our Time."

It sure is, friend.