Friday, August 5, 2016

Week-End Round-Up P1

Photo I took last Saturday at a friend's Luau.

It's Friday, so why not test out a new format here on Eleanor's Boots??  I've been toying with the idea of posting a weekly round-up of links I'm diggin', and this week, I actually took the initiative and pulled some together!

So....Introducing: "Week-end Round-Up"! Each week, I'll share a few fun things I've found to ease us all into the weekend!

Here we go!

1. For anyone who's local to the Akron Area, Noto is opening a second location in the Northside District and kicking it off with a party tomorrow, Saturday, 8/6. 
2. Just finished my own version of this dress.  I'll share it here soon!
3.  I had to say "Good-bye" to my favorite online shoe site this week, but at least I got a few last pairs out of the sadness.  PS: it looks like they are still clearing out inventory.
4. This guide is pretty helpful since I cut my own bangs on the regular.
5. Has anyone else started one of these?  Seems like a big commitment, but something that's right up my alley!

6. DUH! How could I forget about the Olympics?!?!?