Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ruffles, Lavender and Overalls - oh my!

I think I've mentioned before how Fridays are the perfect time to experiment a bit with workwear. A few Fridays ago, I tested out a new pair of overalls, and they were really well received.

Blazer, Shoes: Hand-Me-Down, Button-Down, Overalls: Levi's, Sunglasses: Big Fun,
Collar Tips: Cleveland Flea

For whatever reason, I've been searching for a good pair of overalls for my wardrobe. I lucked onto this pair at the Levi's outlet. They sit low enough that I can wear them under my belly, but come up like a regular pair of jeans in the back. Perfection. Even better, I can wear them when I'm not pregnant. Win. Win.