Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legitimate Post From My Front Porch.

Drinkin' a Budweiser, sittin' on tha front porch, listenin' to The National, updatin' tha blog: how it should be. Spring has "sprung", and I couldn't be happier. Tonight is quite warm, and Eleanor and I are chillin' outside, barking at passerby (well, Eleanor is). Remember when I said life would get back to "normal" when I got back from my trip, well I guess I should have known better. Apparently, "normal" doesn't exist in the world of Abby Rode. I got back from New Orleans LAST Tuesday night, and have YET to update this here blog. So tonight's post will be dedicated to my mini-Angers Reunion - NOLA trip 2012:

Back in November or December (I can't remember now), I agreed to meet two of my (best) friends from Angers in New Orleans: Andrea (Munich) and Emily (St. Paul) - Caitleeen (NYC) was supposed to join, but she is insanely busy as a Ph.D. student at Columbia. I'd never been to New Orleans, and everyone goes on and on about how wonderful it is there, and it is, but it is also VERY touristy. I would have been perfectly happy meeting up with them ANYWHERE, but I'm a sap like that. So we decided to go to New Orleans, and go we did.
Vampire Tours.
Hilarious Children.
Baseball Games (with our awesome new Aussie friend, Julia!).

Creole Plantations.
Oysters, India House, Canal Street and The French Quarter.

My Take-aways:
Café au Lait and Beignet, Po Boys and Shrimp Burgers, Street Music, the World War 2 Museum, and
Mississippi River Drinking with some girls I don't ever get to see (how freakin' cheesy).

I didn't get many outfit shots, because I was too busy photographing everything else, but I was able to snap some of Emily doing "the Abby Pose". I have no rights over this pose (I KNOW I've seen it on other blogs), but it's really the easiest way to get full outfit shots without feeling like a fatty. However, I guess the "Abby posing" has been getting out of hand, because this is what happened when I went to take a photo of this really cool tree in the Garden District. Commence the BRAND NEW "reader submission" portion of my blog:
Emily as Abby in the Garden District.
Emily as Abby in a vintage store on Magazine Street.
Emily with her new hoodie as Abby in another shop on Magazine Street.

So dear readers, if you have any "fashion" shots you'd like to submit to Bottes D'Eleanor to be included in an upcoming "Reader Spotlight", please submit to:! Your participation is greatly appreciated.

And now Abby as Abby:
Abby as Abby in the Garden District (Andrea: "You know you can smile in photos!")
Abby as Abby on home base in Turchin Stadium (what's a Turchin?).
And Abby as Abby on Frenchman St with glow-in-the-dark laces on her Litas.

And that's my Nawlins 2012 recap. I'm exhausted. Here's some Angry love.