Monday, February 11, 2013

Second and Third

Hat: PacSun, Sunglasses:  Shop Jeen, White Button-down:  Gabriel Brothers, Wide-Leg Trousers:  Shop in Angers, Necklace:  World Market, Black Booties:  Kirra (c/o PacSun), Gloves:  Gift

Hat:  Found, Turtleneck:  H&M, Lace Peplum:  PacSun, Floral Cords:  Bullhead c/o PacSun,
Black Boots:  Jimmy Jazz, Jewelry:  Assorted, Bag: Deena and Ozzy c/o Urban Outfitters

New York City outfitz.  What up?  They are basically the same as ANYWHERE else outfits!  Except my shoes aren't as nice since we walked a lot, and it blizzarded, and rained, and there was dog poo on the sidewalk (not that I stepped in any - this is still America!).  I settled on a halfway between super-hipster and classic.  We didn't go anywhere near the tents at Lincoln Center because I was afraid I wasn't dressed up enough.  So we went to the to American Natural History Museum instead, and it was awesome.  Then we wandered up to Morningside Heights to meet up with one of the girls I taught with in Angers (Cait-leeen - eet waz soo gud to seee you!).  The next day it blizzarded.  And by blizzarded, I mean snowed.  And by snowed, I mean nothing more crazy than the normal, everyday stuff we get here in Ohio.  But enough snow that the wimps in NYC, closed everything down.  So Saturday, we couldn't go to the Brooklyn Flea, so we just went to the airport and drank $10 Sam Adamses.  Wild NYC Nights.  Must be what they always talk about.  Cheers.