Friday, March 21, 2014

Public Transit

Beanie: Left at mine after a party (I washed it), Patchwork Button-Down: My Dad's,
Grey Button-down: Silence&Noise (c/o Gabe's), Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: H&M, Converse: PacSun, Jewelry: DIY

Wow. It's been too long.  Do you know when I took these photos?  Yeah, me either.  I do remember that this was the day I took the bus to and from work because my car was at the dealership.  This was from a time in my life when I was hoping I could get rid of my car and take the bus indefinitely.  Well, life has other plans for me (but seriously, if anyone is in the market for a 2006 VW Convertible Beetle, you know where to find it/me).  

Anyway, in case anyone out there was wondering, the bus system in Akron is pretty sweet.  The driver of the bus I caught in the morning called me "Sweetie" and was super helpful when I handed him a giant pile of quarters - learned that lesson in NYC - no bills on the bus!  The one on the way back was not as nice.  I ended up getting off too early and had to walk a bit, but thankfully (and weirdly enough) it was a nice day out - cuz we all know that never happens in Ohio - the nice day bit. Sadly, I haven't taken the bus since, but still will randomly route things on GoogleMaps using the public transport feature to reminisce a bit.

So that was my story about the Akron bus system.  If you're bored one day, and need something to do - ride the bus!

Also, I guess because this is a "style" blog, and I'm a "fashion blogger", I should at least mention something "fashion/style" bloggy here, right?  So in case, none of you have read Man Repeller yet, I suggest you stop everything and read Leandra and friend's blog ASAP.  Why did I just randomly mention Man Repeller, because Leandra has a way with clothes, and I'd be lying if I said I thought of the "tie the shoelaces around the ankles thing" on my own.  So thank you Leandra for the idea.  Because of you, I haven't stopped tying my laces around my ankles.  I almost feel less casual (more fancy?) when I wear them like that (as will be demonstrated in my next blog post - for whenever I get around to posting it).