Monday, August 11, 2014


Button-down: Old Navy, Pants: Mossimo (c/o Target c/o Goodwill), Converse: PacSun, Jewelry: Assorted

These pants. What a find - the "new" section at the Goodwill on the day I didn't think I would buy anything (HAH!).  I meant to just drop off some stuff and take a quick look through the bags (major scores), but then I decided to look in the men's section (for Adam) and happened upon all of the new stuff.  Oops.  Anyway, I had been looking for some sweet "work" shorts (found those) and pants for work (these!).  So I guess the trip was a success.  I've already worn these pants a few times, mostly with different button downs, but am thinking (since they are a bit baggy) they could work well with a crop top and blazer for a night out - heels or Converse would work - now to work on that 6-pack.  

In other news, I read this article the other day about Blogger boyfriends and husbands and was quite disappointed that mine didn't make the list!  I know my blog doesn't have nearly the readership as these ladies' blogs, but my husband is pretty great.  So great that he even told me he liked these pants (!), even though they almost reminded him of a style of dress that he hates (the kind with the stripes on the sides that are supposed to make people look skinnier but are usually bodycon so it just ruins the effect).  These are just white on the front, black on the back - perfect.  

Finally, how great is our garden looking? Adam already harvested some broccoli, and our tomato plants (not pictured) are exploding.  Just need some peppers and cauliflower to grow, and we'll be set.

Happy Summer!

Photos by Adam.