Sunday, January 17, 2016

Noto's January Clothing Swap

Yesterday, Lauren, from Noto Boutique in Downtown Akron, hosted a swap in the Akron Centre Plaza, where her shop is located.  I had a great time, walked away with a bunch of fun items, and met so many new people!  It was fun to swap with a different group of girls than usual - everyone was so nice! (but definitely missed our regular group).  

I was able to take a few photos before I was sucked into the intensity that is swapping.

There was so much to chose from and so much stuff left over (that was/will be donated)!  We chose items in waves, and I went back a few times to look through the stuff that was leftover.

Every time I attend a swap, I'm always amazed at how so many women with different styles, tastes and sizes are still able to trade clothes and walk away with new stuff that they love.  It's also such a great, easy way to recycle old clothes that may not have gotten their CPW (cost per wear).  You can't feel bad about not wearing something enough because someone else will be able to get wear out of it, and you walk away with something new!  Win/Win (Win?).  

If you don't live in the Akron area and want to attend a swap, think about organizing your own.  It's so easy!  Invite your friends, and they can invite theirs - the more the merrier!  Plus, you'll probably meet lots of new, amazing people!  If you are looking for tips on how to host a swap, Rachel and Jessica have shared some GREAT tips on their blogs!  Check them out here and here.  Feel free to check some old swap posts here and here!    

Happy Swapping!