Thursday, March 17, 2016

Paddy, Not Patty

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Friends!

Blazer: J Crew Hand-Me-Down, Vest: Thrifted, Top: From Dina's Free Sale, Jeans: Levi's,
Shoes: JCPenny,  Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe 

It's been a while since I took photos with our tri-pod, but Saturday, I had some time between the Parade in Downtown Akron and meeting up with my mom to see Bill Clinton (<heart eyes emoji>), so I thought I'd experiment a bit.  Not too bad, but I definitely prefer having Adam take my photo.

Speaking of the parade, check out some photos I took Saturday during the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Downtown Akron!  I'd never been before, but now I know: it's kind of a big deal!

This guy was just too cool not to photograph

Also, who knew there were so many Irish Wolfhounds in Akron?

I went with my cousin and her kids, and we met up with Rachel and her husband and daughter.  Rachel's daughter and my cousin's son are close to the same age and v. adorable together.  I'd post photos of the two of them, but I'll leave that up to the moms :)

Hope you all get to enjoy all the Guinness and delicious, Irish food you want today!  We're about to have (green) pancakes at work!


P.S. if you're unclear about what to call today, check out this very informative article (or this one)!

P.P.S. Check out snapchat for a glimpse at my #ootd for today (u/n: bottesdeleanor)