Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back at It

Almost a week after Harvey's birth, we ventured out to our local coffee shop. For some reason, I'd been having anxiety about taking the baby too far away from home being so new at this "mom" thing.

When we got home, I asked Adam to take a few blog photos. It's amazing how something as superficial as taking some blog photos can make a person feel a little more normal. With a change as huge as having a baby, it seems important to keep parts of you that were around pre-baby.

Top, Skirt: Thrifted, Sunglasses: H&M, Flats: Charlotte Russe

I can't say that my style will return to fully "normal" post pregnancy, as there are still limitations with breast-feeding, etc, but it's sure nice to wear separates again, tuck shirts into my skirts/pants, you get the idea.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sporty Spice Goes on Safari

The week before Harvey was born, we took a risk and headed up to the Cleveland Flea's Food Flea. I say "take a risk" because, apparently, I could have gone into labor any time after 35 weeks and the Flea is a bit a ways from our home. We live on the edge like that. 

Dress: Thrifted, Undershirt: Charlotte Russe, Hat: Noto, Sunglasses: ShopJeen, Sandals: Gabriel Brothers,
Bandana: Borrowed from Adam, Necklaces: Gifted, DIY

The organizers of the Cleveland Flea had this super cool, colorful wall painted for this season of the flea, and since I haven't taken photos in front of it yet, I asked Adam to take a few. Because does it count as a trip to the flea if you don't take photos in front of the #fleawall?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

TShirt and Jean (s Jacket)

There came a point near the end of my pregnancy when I just wasn't inspired by any of my clothes. I'm normally not one to "settle" on an outfit, or outfit repeat, but since I was running out of options of clothes I could wear, and I didn't want to buy anything new, that is where I ended up.

Thankfully, sunglasses are something new that could be bought to spruce up an outfit. I thought shoes would be an OK bet too, but nearly every shoe I wore became uncomfortable as my feet swelled throughout the day. 

Jean Jacket: Thrifted (Goodwill Akron), Tshirt: J Crew, Skirt: LulaRoe Cassie,
Sandals: Swapped, Necklaces: Swapped and Gifted, Sunglasses: PacSun

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Near the end of my pregnancy, I realized I would have to invest in some slip-on shoes, as my belly was getting too big to be able to reach anything too complicated. 

So like any normal American woman, my first thought was to check online, which led me to the Zara website, which I always forget about because I don't really love online shopping. I found these slip-ons, and I've been wearing them ever since (even after giving birth), because convenience is needed even more with a newborn. I probably should have opted for something a little more neutral, but what fun would that be?

Blazer, dress: Hand-me-down, Slides: Zara, Sunglasses: ReDress

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Navy Eyelet

Even though we had our baby a little over a week ago, I still have outfits to share from when I was pregnant (plus I don't have much content since baby). 

In any event, remember when I said we had clients coming into town for some all day meetings? Well, I wore the shift dress I shared in the aforementioned post for the first day, but since our second day of meetings was a Friday, I went a little more casual in ANOTHER navy dress. Navy IS one of my favorite neutrals.  

Jean Jacket: Thrifted, Dress, button-down: Hand-me-down, Sandals: Lust for Life,
Necklace: Swapped, Collar Tips: Cleveland Flea

Truth time: one thing I won't miss about pregnancy? Swollen feet. Yuck.